Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Crazy Eyes

DH took the kids to the pet store the other night.  We can't seem to keep fish alive in our tank, so we just keep replenishing them.  He made the mistake of letting them each pick out 3 specific fish each....as "pets".  So, now, when they kick the bucket, which we know they will, we'll have to deal with the kids crying over the death of a pet again.  DS, in particular, is very sensitive, so he'll surely take it hard.  
One of the fish that DS picked is unlike anything I've noticed in the pet store before.  We've affectionately dubbed it "Crazy Eyes".  I don't think this picture does him justice, but his eyes are, in fact, crazy.  They are on top of his head, not on the side like normal fish.  They look up, and he almost has a cross eyed look to him.  DS said the pet store had this fish in a tank all by itself and he thought the fish would like to come home and have some friends.  DS has empathy for the crazy eyed fish.  I thought it might be a deformity and signal impending death...and tears.  DH says it's an actual type of fish.  Have you ever seen a fish like this?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's called a celestial goldfish! Do you think I was a liar or something? I'm watching you...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Beth - this fish is one crazy eye away from the end of his days. He was probably scaring the other fish and thus moved to his own "private" tank. Poor, poor, pgibb200 - he bought the "it's a special kind of fish" thing hook, line and sinker. (Pun intended) It's special alright ;)

earthandskye said...

I thought you drew those eyes on!


p.s. isn't it cute that DH is reading this?