Thursday, November 20, 2008


My DD is turning 4 on Saturday.  We're throwing her a party on Sunday.  (Just an "at-home" party, but a party regardless.)  I've learned my lesson, from DS's previous parties, not to assume some kids won't come.  With his, I'd send out 20 invitations, (thinking it would be great if I could get 10-12 kids to come) and every last kid would show.  Mayhem.  So last year, I only invited a handful of kids to DD's party.  It was wonderful.   This year, following suit, I only invited the little girls in her preschool class, plus two she was friendly with from last year.  That makes 7 invitations that I sent out this year.  Today is the RSVP date.  I have only heard from 2 kids. Where are the other 5?  Are they waiting to see if a better offer comes in? Maybe a party at Bounce U would be more appealing??  I just don't get it.  Yes or no.  It's really simple.  

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Anonymous said...

Maybe in the US we need to go with a less fancy, less formal version of RSVP which only politely requests a response. How about...Tell Me You're Coming Or You Don't Get A Gift Bag: XXX-XXXX!